Activities in Poza Rica

In the areas around Poza Rica, people practice different sports for a thrilling experience. Outside the city limits, there is a golf course that brings sensation among international tourists, as well as the adventure of river rafting and other attractions that Tecolutla provides.


Right in limits of Poza Rica and a neighboring municipality named Coatzintla, get to meet the only golf course in the city that get to capture the tourists’ attention visiting the city. Usually dressed in white, the players move along the green grass spending hours having a great time.


Tlapacoyan is located a little over 100 km away from Poza Rica, offering tourist options in the Filobobos River, a place where you can practice the rafting activity. Get onboard of a raft, as tourist groups move through difficult river currents, with different speed levels. River descent or “rafting” is a great tour of 25 km on rafts to El Cuajilote Archaeological Zone.

Tecolutla Activities

Tecolutla, a famous place due to its fine sand beaches and quiet water, is located less than 70 km from Poza Rica. Some of the activities performed here are: swimming, boat trips, sport fishing and water skiing. A shipwreck, the Pemex platforms and the reefs in the bottom of the sea, make the Tecolutla beaches ideal for diving. Besides the Gulf waters, aquatic resources are not limited to only sea, there are also rivers, mangroves, streams and marshes that can be traveled on boats, therefore ecotourism and rafting are popular activities.